07 December 2020: Bills at 49ers


Why not blitz Josh Allen more? “Obviously it didn’t work out well. We did blitz sometimes.  When we did blitz, he got away from it and made some big plays. When we didn’t, he just dinked and dunked it and got after us too. Our defense has been carrying us all year. ”

On what stung most offensively: “We needed to play our best and we were very close to doing it. We had few things that didn’t keep us out on the field. When you do that against an offense and a quarterback like that playing the game they are, the game gets away from you. We needed to keep matching them and I believe we were capable of that. We had our times but we had to do it every time today and we did not get that done.”


On execution woes: “We’d have to look at the tape. He made some plays. You have to give him credit. They made some plays that were there. He was in good control of the game. He didn’t pass up and easy looks. He didn’t take any risky throws. Our D-line was doing everything they could to put pressure on him but he did a good job evading and extending plays. If you extend plays for four or five seconds, the coverage usually breaks down regardless of what you’re in.. You’ve got to give him credit. He played a freakin’ fantastic game.”

On Allen’s ability to extend plays: “You can simulate it all you want. Unless the plays are happening the exact same as practicing, there’s no real simulating it. He did a great job. He didn’t extend every play. Some he extended his back foot and let the ball go. There were plays we had bottled up and he extended and guys made their way to open windows and he got the ball to him.”

On how Allen’s arm compares to Rodgers, Newton, Stafford: “You’re talking about guys who’ve done it 10 to 12 years, vs. a kid that’s just stepping into it. He played a fantastic game today and deserves all the credit in the world. But to compare it to all the guys who’ve been doing it all along would be doing him a disservice.”

(Credit to The Mercury News


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