09 January 2021: Colts at Bills – Wildcard Weekend!

I’m an old(er) man; let’s just say older than any of the “old” QBs playing this year in the NFL. I have seen many playoff games and one thing stands true: Winning close or winning big doesn’t mean the winning team is “bad” or “good” respectively. Any given Sunday (or Saturday) is even more true in the playoffs.

By now everyone has seen the stats from the game, but the summary is even without a huge scoring output the Bills offense and Josh Allen were terrific. Was I mad and stressed with the fumble in the fourth quarter knowing just a FG would be a huge difference in chances to win? Sure. But that will to win is what made the hundreds of other plays that JA17 made this year possible, what makes him successful, and made the Bills 13-3 in the regular season – and 1-0 in the playoffs.

Who’s next?

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