12 September 2021: Steelers at Bills

Well. Not what Bills’ fans had hoped for, or most people predicted.

Interestingly, although JA17 (or the rest of the offense) didn’t produce as expected, he objectively performed as well or better than the last game against the Steelers in 2020.

Note: Only the full game this week. I didn’t have time to work the condensed/~40 minute “only the plays” version.

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5 thoughts on “12 September 2021: Steelers at Bills”

  1. hey man muppy here. Love the effort you put into tghese. Hope yu are well and safe. God Bless you Brother GO BILLS

    1. Thanks! I’m great; not back in the States but not in the Southwest Asia area anymore either.
      Appreciate all your posts and work on the TBD forum.

    1. Sounds good. Maybe I’ll get more than the ~$2.00 USD I get to offset the ~$700/yr cost to keep this up. 🙂
      Seriously, I do it for my deployed Bills’ fan military brothers and sisters in arms and as a hobby.
      I’ve often considered removing the ads completely since they annoy me, and since I don’t really know what I’m doing with them I get basically nothing back.
      But hopefully the 2BD fam will enjoy!

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